Monitoring should not be (that) hard

Born out of frustration with inflexible, overpriced monitoring tools, Outlyer scales fast and costs less.

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Outlyer means monitoring, done differently

Whether you’re monitoring one or a thousand servers, our GitHub-style account model provides a self-service monitoring platform, giving all your teams quick setup with integration packs, open source compatibility, and more customization than any other monitoring tool. A deeper dive into each of the four areas is outlined below.

Open Source Compatibility

No vendor lock-in with open source compatibility.


Easily create new plugins and deploy them via the UI in seconds.


Easily install integrations for all your common services for quick and easy setup.


Invite your teams to set up monitoring in a self-service fashion using our unique GitHub-style account model.

Don’t be trapped by proprietary scripts and plugins

We know how hard it is to rewrite custom scripts and checks. That’s why Outlyer is open source compatible. Our agent runs Nagios and Prometheus checks by default. You can consolidate, replace, or migrate any other OSS tool: Zabbix, Icinga, Graphite, StatsD, Open, InfluxDB. Everything you write is yours forever—not trapped in a proprietary tool.

Easiest to set up

Our agent automatically collects metrics from servers. All you do is a one-click install of discovered services. Our integrations are built with packs containing knowledge required to monitor a service, with plugins, dashboards and alerts bundled together into a one-click install module. We offer more turnkey metrics than anyone else.

Easiest to customize

Most SaaS monitoring is relatively easy to set up out of the box, but your software will require custom monitoring. We built Outlyer so that any ops or dev team member can customize monitoring plugins for services important to them. This can be done in the Outlyer browser and in any scripting language. The change can be automatically pushed to tagged services: no re-inventing the wheel, no painstaking agent restarts.

Have your (Ops) cake and eat it, too

Our account model provides GitHub-style user management with admin, member and viewer roles. Monitor different services, hosts and environments using separate team accounts—all under one master account. Delegate monitoring responsibility to teams and have the overview of your entire ops infrastructure. We are the only monitoring platform with this account model.