Simple, predictable plans and pricing

Every plan includes

Compatibility with Nagios, StatsD, Graphite, Prometheus, containers, and more
Full dashboards, analytics, rules & alerts
Access to the Slack community and GitHub plugin and integration pack repositories


14 days free

Dedicated support


$15 / agent / month for up to 100 agents *

Email & Slack channel support


Custom volume pricing for over 100 agents

Dedicated support + Email & Slack channel

Frequently asked questions

We don’t charge extra for containers, we only charge for hosts, for which only 1 agent is required to monitor the host and all containers running on that host. You can have 100 containers on 1 host and we bill for the 1 agent.

We have one price, regardless of instance size or type.

We know this might seem weird when some instances cost hundreds and others a few dollars. However, predictability and simplicity are two tenets of pricing that DevOps community has asked of us to make budget and planning easier.

We work with you to understand your ephemeral environment better including how the lower and upper limits establish an average baseline agent number to bill.

The agent is software that’s installed on each server and allows Outlyer to collect metrics. It’s also responsible for executing plugins.

Every situation is different. General rule of thumb is that a consistent overage level of agent spin-ups will result in additional charges at the same contracted rate per agent. We don’t want to surprise you and will work with you. A small overage here and there will likely not be surcharged. For example, if you subscribe for an average of 200 agents, but you auto-scaled up to 300 for a few hours, you wouldn’t be surcharged.

Our AWS Integration allows you to monitor all your AWS resources via Cloudwatch without installing any agents. Pricing is based on the number of EC2 instances in your account, and each instance will be counted as an 'Agent' and billed accordingly.

This means all your non-EC2 resources (RDS, Lambda, S3, DynamoDB etc.) can be monitored at no additional cost. We also de-duplicate hosts if you install our Agent on your EC2 instances, so you will only be charged one agent for any EC2 instances that are monitored via our AWS Integration but also have our agent installed.

With the introduction of new environments, we need to adapt our model to ensure we provide pricing that makes sense for both parties. Please discuss this type of instance with us.

See a comparison of Datadog vs. Outlyer highlighting the key similarities and differences between us.

We have a whole page about our differentiators from other monitoring tools here. But in a nutshell, we leverage open source standards, have the fastest implementation of metric monitoring, and one single account for your entire organization.

This is why we say “Monitoring, done differently.”

A few words from our customers


Consolidating monitoring for a complex SaaS application

Outlyer provided a framework that my dev teams use so that everybody can have the same kind of tooling, but can write their own monitoring.”

Gabriel Cain, Senior Lead DevOps Engineer, MOZ


Replacing a legacy monitoring solution with Outlyer

“We looked for something that can adapt as fast as we are growing and changing. Outlyer is from the ground up built for what we are doing.”

Robert Dozier, Director of DevOps, PeopleMatter


Giving customers visibility into operations

“It is easier to grant people access, easier to enable self-service via the portal, easier to tag a server for a particular application or microservice… Outlyer is the DevOps monitoring tool of choice”

Steve Thair, Co-Founder, DevOpsGuys