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Author: Outlyer | Version: 1.0.0 | License: MIT | Categories: java

A Java virtual machine (JVM) is a virtual machine that enables a computer to run Java programs as well as programs written in other languages and compiled to Java bytecode.

This integration will monitor your JVM by collecting metrics via JMX.

Once enabled you will get a default JVM dashboard to help you get started monitoring your key JVM metrics.

Metric Name Type Labels Unit Description
java_lang_classloading_loadedclasscount Gauge     The number of loaded classes.
java_lang_garbagecollector_collectiontime Gauge name millisecond The total time spent on garbage collection.
java_lang_garbagecollector_collectioncount Gauge name byte The number of garbage collections.
java_lang_memory_heapmemoryusage_committed Gauge   byte The total Java heap memory committed to be used.
java_lang_memory_heapmemoryusage_init Gauge   byte The initial Java heap memory allocated.
java_lang_memory_heapmemoryusage_max Gauge   byte The maximum Java heap memory available.
java_lang_memory_heapmemoryusage_used Gauge   byte The total Java heap memory used.
java_lang_memory_nonheapmemoryusage_committed Gauge   byte The total Java non-heap memory committed to be used.
java_lang_memory_nonheapmemoryusage_init Gauge   byte The initial Java non-heap memory allocated.
java_lang_memory_nonheapmemoryusage_max Gauge   byte The maximum Java non-heap memory available.
java_lang_memory_nonheapmemoryusage_used Gauge   byte The total Java non-heap memory used.
java_lang_runtime_uptime Gauge   second The total time the JVM is running.
java_lang_threading_threadcount Gauge     The number of live threads.
java_lang_threading_peakthreadcount Gauge     The number of peak threads.
java_lang_threading_daemonthreadcount Gauge     The number daemon threads.

This integration requires that JMX be enabled on the JVM. To enable JMX on a the JVM you can add the additional options to your Java command when starting the JVM:

Plugin Environment Variables

The Java plugin can be customized via environment variables.

Variable Default Description
host localhost JMX host.
port 9999 JMX port.
Version Release Date Description
1.0 12-Jun-2018 Initial version of our Java monitoring integration.