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Built for DevOps, Microservices running at Scale.

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Deploy our agent across all your servers and Docker hosts in minutes to get instant visibility across your entire service.

  • Supports all major versions of Linux, Windows and Docker platforms
  • Can be rolled out in minutes using our Ansible, Puppet, Chef & Salt modules or via your Container Orchestration tool such as Kubernetes, Mesos or Swarm
  • Native Docker support means Outlyer can monitor your container and non-container environments without any additional configuration required
  • Setup all your service monitoring in minutes using built in agent auto-discovery that will automatically recognise what you’re monitoring and install your integration packs for you
  • Install integrations from our library in one click
  • Open-source compatible, our agent runs Nagios checks, can scrape Prometheus endpoints and collect StatsD metrics without you having to re-write all your monitoring

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Outlyer Setup


Outlyer enables you to create custom plugins and integrations that can be deployed in seconds across your entire environment.

  • Built in plugin editor allows you to quickly go from the idea of what to monitor to getting it monitored in minutes
  • Easily create custom integrations that can be shared and installed with your plugins, dashboards and alert rules
  • Use our public API to integrate Outlyer into your deployment processes and automation easily

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Outlyer Customization

Host Map

Outlyer automatically collects all your server and container metadata so you can explore what you’re running and how it's deployed across your environment for easy troubleshooting.

  • See all your hosts and containers in a single graphical view you can explore to understand what’s running across your environment
  • Enable sizing and colouring to easily see utilization and the status of your hosts and containers across your environment
  • Explore the relationships between your hosts and containers so you can see what’s running where
  • Filter and group your hosts and containers using any metadata about them such as AWS region, service, environment or any other labels you’ve applied to your environment

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Outlyer Host Map


Create and share beautiful dashboards to help your team get visibility into how your services are performing on their desktop or TV monitors.

  • See graphs and key statistics across your service in real-time
  • Create and customize dashboards using any metric you’ve collected in Outlyer
  • Apply events to your graphs as annotations so you can easily correlate metrics to changes in your environment
  • Create public sharing links to display dashboards on TV screens or share with users not on Outlyer

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Outlyer Dashboard


Collect and correlate events to capture changes to your environment and service so you can easily understand what changed when analyzing your metrics.

  • Post custom events to our public REST API such as everytime you push a new deployment from Jenkins
  • See events for all your Outlyer activities, alerts and custom events in your event feed
  • Annotate events on your dashboard graphs to easily correlate what changed when analyzing your metrics

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Outlyer Events


Set up alerts using any metric or service check in Outlyer to get notified in real-time about issues that require someone’s attention.

  • Create simple alert rules across any of your metrics that trigger in real-time
  • Build complex alert rules using multiple criteria to trigger Actions
  • Set up alert Actions that can send alerts via email, webhook, Slack or your alert management tool such as PagerDuty, OpsGenie, or VictorOps
  • Mute alerts during upgrades and maintenance windows

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Outlyer Alerts


Outlyer is Enterprise-ready with a self-service monitoring platform that your DevOps/Platform team can own, but quickly roll out to your development teams so they can setup the monitoring they need for their microservices by themselves.

  • Our GitHub-style account model allows users to belong to multiple organizations and teams with a single login
  • Users can be added to teams as admins, members, or viewers
  • Create private integration packs that your teams can install in one click to easily share monitoring standards across your organization

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Outlyer Account Model