Every company is becoming a software business. The ones who are winning are the most agile. How do you stay agile at scale without falling apart?

Self-service monitoring.

Your engineering should spend time on your product. Let us take the monitoring burden.

Redesigned for DevOps and Microservices

Self-service cloud monitoring empowers teams to set up their own monitoring, while giving stakeholders visibility into key metrics and infrastructure health. As a result, you and your team get improved:

  • Agility
  • Scalability
  • Visibility
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Where does Outlyer fit with other monitoring tools?

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What customers say

With Outlyer, we consolidated all our monitoring into a single platform, and empowered our teams to get monitoring they needed quickly by themselves

Mark Schlieman, former VP of Tech Operations

Trusted by the world’s leading brands running Microservices at Scale

Outlyer is great if:

You need to improve development agility, scalability, and visibility.

Your monitoring needs consolidating: your monitoring is a hodge-podge of solutions siloed across the organization, not scaling or providing the visibility you need.

You need to start monitoring but can’t afford to spend much time on it. You want a solution that will serve you well today as well as in two years.

You are switching to a new technology platform: cloud or containers. These new environments need a complete rewrite of your existing monitoring tools, especially if you are coming from static on-premise environments where Nagios and similar tools prevailed.

You are spending too much time building and scaling an in-house monitoring solution.

You are switching to new architecture: you are moving towards microservices where monitoring needs to be a service rolled out across all microservices teams.