Outlyer Agent Changelog


  • Upgrade error from requests library


  • Upgrade websockets client to 0.53
  • Update prometheus handler to support valid metric names
  • limit host labels to 256 chars


  • Fix pass env variables to Upstart forked process
  • ntplib python pip for integrations


  • Clearer proxy configuration
  • Fix for container PIDs
  • Internal python pip upgrades
  • Support for selectors on discovery providers
  • Upgrade cacerts
  • Upstart now runs as outlyer user


  • Fix mixed-case metric labels for devices
  • Fix logging for embedded checks
  • Support IBM Cloud metadata
  • Publish metric TTL for step normalisation
  • Clear expired metrics from internal metric registry


  • Fix loading python modules on Windows
  • Add embedded check log stream to check results
  • Support dots in command macros
  • Return critical status when an exception is generate in native plugins


  • Publish check results


  • embedded sqlite and python libs
  • restart of agent on upgrade


  • pip dnspython 1.15.0
  • pip pymysql for Windows
  • Handle deregistration on service stop
  • Update host check ttl be interval + timeout
  • Remove requirement for ;warn;crit;min;max; in nagios perf data
  • Accept nagios perf data in host checks
  • example config updated with new options


  • Added k8s.cluster label to all Kubernetes nodes so users can differentiate clusters in their account
  • Fixed devices being shown as containers when running RPC for plugin checks


  • Add agent uptime metric agent.uptime to core metrics showing time in seconds since agent started
  • Added additional logging for failed checks in agent log
  • General performance improvments for agents running lots of checks under load


  • additional debug logging for remote discovery and non-zero status
  • stderr and stdout in results page
  • ensure disabled checks are not scheduled


  • fix for counter types in plugin api
  • fix for looking up instance parent


  • sanitize metrics on instance creation
  • remove circus from the agent process
  • run the agent under systemd or upstart on Linux
  • enter mypy and typing for validations
  • apply host labels to containers


  • for docker host use localhost ip if no httproxy
  • use container short-id for hostname
  • dont filter redis containers
  • add multiple stores for remote instance discovery
  • ensure system labels are lowercase


  • pass instance labels as the instance environment
  • fix unnecessary check updating
  • ensure plugins latest plugins are loaded for active checks
  • sync plugins to plugin_cache
  • filter the kublet container
  • [pip ] upgrade boto3 1.7.26


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