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Learn how our customers use Outlyer to gain visibility into their operations.


Consolidating monitoring for a complex SaaS application

“Outlyer provided a framework that my dev teams use so that everybody can have the same kind of tooling, but can write their own monitoring.”

Gabriel Cain, Senior Lead DevOps Engineer, MOZ

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Replacing a legacy monitoring solution with Outlyer

“We looked for something that can adapt as fast as we are growing and changing. Outlyer is from the ground up built for what we are doing.”

Robert Dozier, Director of DevOps, PeopleMatter

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Giving customers visibility into operations

“It is easier to grant people access, easier to enable self-service via the portal, easier to tag a server for a particular application or microservice… Outlyer is the DevOps monitoring tool of choice”

Steve Thair, Co-Founder, DevOpsGuys

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