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Deep visibility across all your services & environments in minutes.

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What is Outlyer?

Outlyer is a modern analytics & monitoring platform designed for Developer & DevOps teams running Microservices. It can monitor and collect millions of metrics across any environment, such as Cloud, Container, Hybrid or On-Premise, providing deep visibility in minutes.


Easily install integrations for all your common services for quick and easy setup.

Native Docker Support

Our agent and integration packs work natively with Docker environments out of the box.

Host Map

Explore your infrastructure and see exactly what’s going on across your environment.


Visualize key metrics using our real-time interactive dashboards.


Use our simple “If This, Then That” alert engine to quickly setup alert rules and send alerts to PagerDuty, OpsGenie, VictorOps, Slack and other alert management tools.


Invite your teams to set up monitoring in a self-service fashion using our unique GitHub-style account model.


Easily create new plugins and deploy them via the UI in seconds.


Easily automate everything using our full public REST API.

How Outlyer is Different?

In fast-changing, dynamic environments, out-the-box monitoring isn’t enough. You need to enable your teams to easily go from the idea of “what to monitor” to getting it monitored as quickly as possible. Outlyer enables your users to iterate their monitoring quicker than any other tool out there.

Create, customize and deploy custom plugins in minutes that work on both containerized and non-containerized environments with no additional changes needed.

Built-in Plugin Editor

Easily migrate from open source tools to Outlyer without rewriting all your monitoring plugins and integrations. Outlyer supports Nagios plugins, Prometheus export scraping and StatsD out of the box.

Open source compatible

Easily export plugins, dashboard templates and alert rule templates into an Integration that can be installed and deployed in one click and easily shared with all your teams.

Custom Integrations

In the world of DevOps & Microservices, your teams need to own monitoring. Our unique GitHub-style account model enables you to roll out Outlyer as a self-service monitoring platform for all your teams.

GitHub-style Account Model

Where Outlyer fits into your Monitoring Stack

Outlyer is designed to replace the typical Nagios (or similar), Graphite and StatsD monitoring stack. We don’t do APM or Log Monitoring but can easily integrate and aggregate key metrics from those tools to give you a single, correlated pane of glass view across your environment.

Your stack

Monitoring tools

How Outlyer Works

Outlyer allows you to go from the idea of what to monitor, to having it monitored faster than any other monitoring tool available today.

Deploy our agent across 1,000’s of hosts in seconds using Docker, Ansible, Puppet or Chef in minutes
Outlyer automatically auto-discovers all the services running on your infrastructure and installs our integration packs
Configure the packs to work in your environment and immediately see metrics, dashboards and alerts in one place
Easily customize and extend Outlyer with your own custom integrations and packs to get full visibility across your service
Use our unique GitHub-style account model to invite your teams so everyone can collaborate on Outlyer to respond to incidents and make data-driven decisions on building a better service for your users